2017 Brasada Ranch CX Preview

The inaugural 2017 Brasada Ranch cyclocross race will take place on December 2-3 at the stunning Brasada Ranch located 30 minutes east of Bend. Brasada Ranch has been named the Best Resort in the Pacific Northwest by Cond√© Nast Traveler for the last 3 years and offers luxurious accommodations, championship golf, world-class dining and amenities, and now cyclocross racing! See images below for a glimpse at the possibilities at this great venue.

After an easy 30 minute drive from Bend, you arrive at Brasada Ranch.

While the course design is still in progress, parking and race start will likely be in this pasture with registration possibly in this cool old barn.

All sorts of terrain are available here. Dirt, gravel, grass and water weave their way through the magnificent grounds giving endless options for a great cross course.

This dirt climb up to the Brasada Lodge house is rideable but is gonna hurt...

...but your reward will be sweeping views of the high desert landscape flowing into the Cascade Mountains in the distance.

The main lodge is an excellent spot to observe the race, have a beer, warm-up by the fire and cheer (or heckle) your racing friends.

I feel pretty certain that the hut tub within view of the race course will be a fairly popular spot.

Will we be using this cool old trestle bridge on the race course? Hell yea!

Some more great terrain here on the way back to the start pasture.

The Lodge House will have discounted beautiful rooms right on the race course available race weekend.

Probably could use this sharp, pointy tetanus laden farm implement in the barrier section.

Make sure to respond "interested" or "going" on our Facebook page and check our webpage for more details as they become available!