Significant rain the day before and intermittent drizzle during race day made the course muddy and slow going.

Sophie de Boer running just ahead of Nikki Harris took the lead on lap one and never let it go.

Uphill portions of the course that were rideable in practice were now definite runs for women . 

Thalita de Jong, Nikki Harris and Sanne Cant were all near the head of the race trying to chase down Sophie de Boer.

The crowds were large, deep and loud all along the course. Here Ellen van Loy rides through a wall of fans cheering her on.

Untitled photo

Katie Compton rode her way into 12th place which made her the highest placed American finisher.

The national champions of France (Caroline Mani) and Italy (Eva Lechner) both rode strong races and finished 4th and 8th respectively.

Sophie de Boer continued to press her advantage and gain time on her opponents.

Running with your bike requires focus and concentration.

The rest of the American squad rode with courage and determination.

While Sophie de Boer continued to extend her lead, Thalita de Jong and Nikki Harris battled back and forth for 2nd place...

While Sanne Cant tried unsuccessfully to close the gap to them.  

Sophie de Boer celebrates after  winning her 1st ever UCI cyclo-cross world cup race.

Thalita de Jong was able to out sprint Nikki Harris for 2nd place.

Loes Sels

Loes Sels

Some of my favorite images come just after the finish where faces reveal all the emotions of the race.

Race podium

1st: Sophie de Boer

2nd: Thalita de Jong

3rd: Nikki Harris

Final UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Podium

1st: Sanne Cant

2nd: Eva Lechner

3rd: Nikki Harris

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